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HSE_CASE_NR: 303-039 | status: active
Title: CONOX
Authors: Ming, Li
Gasiorowska, Anna (supervisor)
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng
Keywords: banking industry; cultural management; post-merger integration process
Abstract: For several years China has been the focus of the pulp and paper industry as it represented one region in the world where substantial growth was projected for a long period. China’s large markets were being opened up; particularly the country’s entry into the World Trade Organization made it an even more attractive market. With foreign companies willing to invest in China and the Chinese attempting to reduce their reliance on imports, the country has become the most dynamic market for the global pulp and paper industry. The country’s massive potential is being realized as its expectations for growth have not disappointed.

The owners of Conox’s technology have substantial resources and know-how on pulp and paper making processes, equipment manufacture, and project implementation. Conox technology has been tested in pilot scale by trials in Sweden and China. The existing resource network for marketing, engineering, and manufacturing enables quick deliveries and high quality performance in both small and large projects all over the world.