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School of Business | Department of Management and International Business | Organization and Management | 2012
Thesis number: 12795
Best practices of public export promotion in the Finnish music industry: case MOI! Sounds from Suomi
Author: Paakkanen, Miia
Title: Best practices of public export promotion in the Finnish music industry: case MOI! Sounds from Suomi
Year: 2012  Language: eng
Department: Department of Management and International Business
Academic subject: Organization and Management
Index terms: johtaminen; management; organisaatio; organization; toimialat; business branches; luovuus; creativity; musiikkiteollisuus; music industry; kulttuurin markkinointi; arts marketing; musiikki; music; vientimarkkinointi; export marketing
Pages: 94
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Key terms: creative economy; creative industries; Finnish music industry; internationalization; export; cultural policy; public promotion; public export promotion

The purpose of this study is to identify best practices of public promotion in the creative industries in order for policy makers to better match their promotional actions with the needs of the creative industries professionals. As an example of the creative industries this study focuses on the Finnish music industry, and as an example of cultural policy initiatives this study focuses on one export promotion tool, that is, Music Export Finland’s Nordic MOI! Sounds from Suomi – flagship project.

Through face-to-face discussions of the Finnish music as a business, as an international industry, as a user of public promotion, and as a participant of an export promotion project the Finnish music industry professionals are let to describe their personal experiences of what works regarding public export promotion and what does not. The sample of Finnish music industry professionals of this study consists of two Music Export Finland employees and six representatives of six different Finnish music industry organizations having participated the Nordic flagship project.

The micro and small Finnish music industry businesses are eager to internationalize. Growth is sought especially through internationalization and export due to restricted home markets. In the process of internationalization networks play the most important role, but characteristics of born globals, traditional incremental internationalization and international entrepreneurship are visible as well setting requirements for public promotion, which is considered vital by the industry professionals. Music Export Finland is the most familiar provider of public promotion for the organizations interviewed. Otherwise, the variety of different available modes of public promotion is a little unclear and in order to keep up with what is available at a certain time the industry professionals need to be active themselves.

According to the Finnish music industry professionals public promotion including export promotion should not be cut, but rather increased or cultivated if anything. Regarding the Nordic flagship project the Finnish music industry professionals appreciate the possibility to learn, to gain new contacts, to get comprehensive and personal service and to have someone sharing the risk. Systems of self-financing, payment of the financial aid and strict bureaucracies like reporting requirements, on the other hand, are targeted with suggestions for improvements. The special characteristics of the creative industries and the great variety of differences in the needs of different Finnish music industry organizations challenge the level of commitment and the fit between supply and demand of export promotion calling for ever more tailored service.
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