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School of Business | Department of Information and Service Economy | Logistics | 2012
Thesis number: 12835
Defining and quantifying customer value in industrial Solution sales - Case Metso Automation Services
Author: Klemola, Kirsi
Title: Defining and quantifying customer value in industrial Solution sales - Case Metso Automation Services
Year: 2012  Language: eng
Department: Department of Information and Service Economy
Academic subject: Logistics
Index terms: logistiikka; logistics; teollisuus; industry; palvelut; service; myynti; sales
Pages: 84
Key terms: customer value; industrial services; solution sales; value quantification; value-based selling
This study aims to provide concrete actionable advice for Metso Automation Services on how to define and quantify customer value in solutions and how to use it in solution sales.

Academic literature aimed to reveal the main concerns in the different phases of solution sales, namely definition, quantification and selling. The empirical findings were drawn using unstructured theme interviews, reference case data and a collection of Metso Automation Services sales material.

Three principal issues in solution sales process of the customer organization were found during the empirical research; lack of value-selling skills, complexity of the existing value selling tools and the lack of documented reference cases. To overcome the first issue, in addition to training, recruitment of people with financial background was suggested to diversify the engineer–intensive sales team. Also centralizing the solution sales into one unit was proposed. To simplify the value-selling tools, using KPI based simple arithmetic formulas was recommended. In addition, the need for a comprehensive reference case database, searchable by KPI’s, industries and processes was noted.

In general, the research revealed that in solution sales trust is crucial and transparency is the key to acquire it. The importance of the understanding of the customers’ business logic was also noted and is considered to be the key behind a successful solution sales presentation.
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