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School of Business | Department of Accounting | Accounting | 2012
Thesis number: 12934
Driving sales performance in knowledge-intensive business services companies: A single-case study from Finland
Author: Haavisto, Annabella
Title: Driving sales performance in knowledge-intensive business services companies: A single-case study from Finland
Year: 2012  Language: eng
Department: Department of Accounting
Academic subject: Accounting
Index terms: laskentatoimi; accounting; palvelut; service; asiantuntijat; specialists; myynti; sales
Pages: 142
Key terms: knowledge-intensive business services; sales; knowledge-intensive business services sales; management control; asiantuntijapalvelut; myynti; asiantuntijapalvelujen myynti; johdon kontrolli
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of the study is to add to the existent sales research with a study of knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) sales. The study aims to explore and understand the phenomenon of sales in KIBS companies and the organizational mechanisms and structures that drive its operations. This study was effectuated as part of Aalto University’s sales project research program.

DATA This thesis is a qualitative single-case study executed in a multinational KIBS company. The empirical research data consists of 56 semi-structured theme interviews, three internet-based surveys tailored to the study’s purposes together with semi-immersed observation executed in the case company. The study is limited to the case company’s Finnish operations focusing on its selected strategic business unit. The study’s research theory bases on KIBS companies, sales and management control theories, which form a base for its research frameworks. As a single-case study it is context-specific. The study is analytically, not statistically generalizable.

RESULTS The study’s findings suggest, firstly, that KIBS sales is a broad concept, composed of sales, marketing and customer relationship management. Secondly, the study suggests that sales performance may be increased by applying appropriate sales control practices to the organization. Furthermore, the form of KIBS sales vary depending on the organization’s aims with regards to-customer-orientation.

KEYWORDS Knowledge-intensive business services, sales, knowledge-intensive business services sales, management control
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