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School of Business | Department of Economics | Economics | 2013
Thesis number: 13323
Price formation of consumer loans: A theoretical view of Finnish consumer credit market
Author: Niiranen, Juho
Title: Price formation of consumer loans: A theoretical view of Finnish consumer credit market
Year: 2013  Language: eng
Department: Department of Economics
Academic subject: Economics
Index terms: kansantaloustiede; economics; hinnat; prices; hinnoittelu; pricing; lainat; loans; kuluttajat; consumers; luotto; credit; markkinat; markets; Suomi; Finland
Pages: 53
Full text:
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Key terms: informational asymmetry; adverse selection; moral hazard; consumer loan; consumer credit; credit scoring; loan pricing
The purpose of this study is to present an economic theory behind the informational asymmetry in a consumer credit market and show how it affects the formation of the loan price. The study presents how lenders can use the available information for better loan decisions and how it affects the interest rates that borrowers observe. The main tools against information asymmetry are the information sharing platforms and the credit scoring models which are presented closely. The theoretical framework follows the model of Jaffee and Russell (1976) which is modified further to fit the different information levels that lenders can acquire about borrowers. Based on this theoretical framework the study presents the Finnish consumer credit market and discusses of the impact that the informational asymmetry has on the detected prices and on the market structure.
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