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School of Business | Department of Management Studies | MSc Degree Programme in Strategy | 2015
Thesis number: 13900
Small firm growth: Organizational structure, human resource planning and the application of Balanced Scorecard: Case Qnware Oy
Author: Hoang, Hoa
Title: Small firm growth: Organizational structure, human resource planning and the application of Balanced Scorecard: Case Qnware Oy
Year: 2015  Language: eng
Department: Department of Management Studies
Academic subject: MSc Degree Programme in Strategy
Index terms: johtaminen; management; strategia; strategy; yritykset; companies; kasvu; growth; pienyritykset; small businesses; organisaatio; organization; suunnittelu; planning; henkilöstöhallinto; personnel management; toimintatutkimus; action research
Pages: 88
Key terms: small firm growth; organizational structure; human resource plan; balanced scorecard; action research; professional service; consulting
Objectives of the Study:

This research was written for the interests of the Case Company - Qnware - a Finnish boutique consultancy looking to scale up via three topics: the application of the Balanced Scorecard, relevant organizational structure and human resource planning. The final deliverables consisted of an actual Balanced Scorecard customized to Qnware, and the list of suggestions regarding the two later topics.

Theoretical background and framework:

The theories reviewed in this research covered the three above topics, with focus especially on those related to micro-sized and professional service firms. The final conceptual framework employed a collections of independent theories.

Research methodology:

Action research, a qualitative research method was used in order for the researcher to engage in more profound level with the Case Company. The research also supported the creation of a concrete outcome - the Balanced Scorecard, while adding unique value to the company's particular conditions.

Findings and conclusions:

The research findings have helped enrich the understanding of previous literature regarding the three topics: Balanced Scorecard, Organizational Structure and HR Planning. This study could be valuable to readers looking for insights about the growth of small sized professional service firms, particularly consultancies. On the other hand, the Case Company, Qnware itself has obtained satisfying outcomes namely the accomplished scorecard, and foundational grounds for OS and HR plan establishment in the future. The learning of alternative practices from other consultancies has positively challenged Qnware owners' own thinking regarding how to run their business
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