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School of Business | Department of Management Studies | MSc program in Entrepreneurship | 2014
Thesis number: 14526
Attracting gen Y business graduates to small businesses
Author: Niiranen, Kirsi
Title: Attracting gen Y business graduates to small businesses
Year: 2014  Language: eng
Department: Department of Management Studies
Academic subject: MSc program in Entrepreneurship
Index terms: yrittäjyys; entrepreneurship; pienyritykset; small businesses; rekrytointi; recruiting; kaupallinen koulutus; business education
Pages: 93
Key terms: small firms, Gen Y, recruitment practices
The main objective of this thesis is to understand better the process of attracting Gen Y business graduates to small businesses. Small firms need to recruit new employees in order to grow, and Gen Y business graduates are very interesting potential employees for them due to their technical skills, internationality and their willingness to succeed. However, small businesses face many challenges in recruiting when compared to larger companies: Limited resources affect also their possibilities in recruiting. Therefore, the secondary object of this thesis is to find practical suggestions and advice for managers who are aiming to attract Gen Y business graduates.

Some research around this topic exists but there is room for more qualitative studies that can deepen the understanding around this topic. Qualitative method is thus chosen. Six recent business graduates are interviewed on this topic. Their overall perceptions on employers are discussed and their personal decision-making in employment described. Common views and perceptions are summarized and compared with the existing research.

From the point of view of a small business the following themes should be analyzed and discussed when aiming to recruit Gen Y business graduates: 1) Possibilities for learning and advancement, 2) Importance of the personal performance on the whole business, 3) Consideration of personal well-being of employees and communicating it, 4) Extended personal networks of the managers and current employees as a source of applicants, and 5) Targeting of a specific group of graduates. Shortly, there are graduates who prefer working for small businesses and generally many positive sides are identified. Finally, it is the job itself that matters. The findings presented should be taken into consideration to make the job as interesting as possible.
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