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School of Business | Department of Information and Service Economy | MSc program in Information and Service Management | 2015
Thesis number: 14697
Service quality in luxury e-commerce: Case Study in China
Author: Le, Thu
Title: Service quality in luxury e-commerce: Case Study in China
Year: 2015  Language: eng
Department: Department of Information and Service Economy
Academic subject: MSc program in Information and Service Management
Index terms: e-business; e-business; Kiina; China; muoti; fashion; laatu; quality; palvelut; service
Pages: 71
Full text:
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Key terms: fashion luxury, e-service, Chinese luxury, luxury service quality
The thesis aimed to examine the importance levels of different service performance from customers' perspective in luxury fashion e-commerce sector in China. Based on the E-S-QUAL and E-RecS-QUAL scales, this thesis developed a 10 dimensions Luxury E-S-QUAL framework namely: fulfilment reliability, efficiency, product portfolio, con-tact, responsiveness, web site design, information, personalization, compensation policy, and community, which could be used to evaluate service quality in online retailing lux-ury fashion context. The utmost practical contribution in this study was to present a better understanding about the service offerings in online retailing luxury fashion de-velopment in general and for China market in particular. The Kano's customer survey also conveyed Chinese online customers' perceptions regarding their requirement for different types of services or service components in online shopping experience. The main results indicated that the fashion luxury industry has not yet bloomed in Chinese e-commerce market and purchasing luxury goods on the Internet has not been com-mon for Chinese luxury customers. Online luxury companies, both local and interna-tional ones have not been differentially outstanding from conventional websites. While most Chinese online consumers are realistically outcome-oriented minds who empha-size the importance of direct human contact service, delivery service, guarantee service and after-sales services..., current independent luxury online retailers in China are on the average performance for offering such critical services. Foreign companies in our research, even showed lower service performance comparing to the local ones.
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