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Change in web publishing of Aalto publication series for Aalto University Business School from beginning of 2014

Aaltodoc publication archive
Information and pdf-files of Business School publications in the Aalto series are now located in the Aaltodoc publication archive (Aalto University institutional repository)

ePubl - electronic publication portal

Research publications

eDiss - Dissertations Database - School of Business dissertations until 2013, since 2004 also in electronic format. From 2014 onwards dissertations are available in Aaltodoc publication archive.
eWP - Working Papers - School of Business working papers until 2013, since 2004 in electronic format. From 2014 onwards working papers are available in Aaltodoc publication archive.
Other research publications - School of Business other research papers published in electronic format until 2013. From 2014 onwards research papers are available in Aaltodoc publication archive.
RESCAT (Research Catalogue) - research publications and projects at the School of Business (1992-2015).
eThesis - Master's Theses - years 2008 - 2016, some in electronic format. New School of Business theses are available at the Aaltodoc publication archive.


eCase Collection - abstracts of case studies written at the School of Business.

School of Business other publications

Helsinki School of Economics printed Annual Reports (1950-2008) at Aaltodoc publication archive.

Aalto University School of Economics was renamed the Aalto University School of Business as of 1 August 2012.

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