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eCase Collection - abstracts

HSE_CASE_NR: 204-016 | status: active
Authors: Heikkilä, Ilkka
Hollstén, Christian
Gasiorowska, Anna (supervisor)
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng
Keywords: investor perspective; technology companies; uncertainties; valuation
Abstract: The valuation of the companies from the perspective of eventual investor is the focus of the case. The investor is grandma of one of the writers. The valuation was done on April 23rd, 2003. All the companies have just released their annual reports for the year 2002. Basis for equity valuation is fundamental analysis. Companies’ financial statements are extracted from the public source and are adjusted to reflect their ongoing business operations. Results comprise six different sections i.e. return on invested capital, profitability, asset utilization and efficiency, liquidity, capital structure, and financial markets. Company valuations are calculated using two alternative methods. This is done primarily to get a valuation that is more accurate but also, as most of the companies has acquired or streamlined their operations during the past three years.