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HSE_CASE_NR: 303-038 | status: active
Authors: Björkman, Ingmar
Vaara, Eero
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng
Keywords: banking industry; cultural management; post-merger integration process
Abstract: The case focuses on socio-cultural aspects of a post-merger integration and cultural clash resolution. It is an attempt to provide a realistic description of the integration challenges and actions taken after a series of rather rapid cross-border mergers and acquisitions that led to the creation of the Nordic financial services group Nordea. The case focuses on the actions taken by Peter Nyegaard, the new head of the cross-national Markets unit. The teaching objective is to provide a platform for discussing integration strategies in general and the synchronization of different integration efforts in particular. The case is suitable for use in courses of Cross-Cultural Management, HR and International HR Management, Post Mergers & Acqusitions or Post Consolidation –Integration Process Management, Business Communication.

Although increasingly recognized as crucial, attempts to manage these “softer” aspects of post-merger or post-acquisition integration have been rarely described in detail in specific cases.

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