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HSE_CASE_NR: 300-037 | status: active
Title: SUUNTO – Winds of Change
Authors: Bhadra Råtts, Su-Lin
Seristö, Hannu (comments)
Material: 23 pages + 19 exhibits
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng
Keywords: global brand strategy; international distribution strategy; sports industry
Abstract: Suunto is a leading manufacturer and marketer of sport diving and outdoor equipment. In 1999, it became a subsidiary of Amer Group, a conglomerate of sporting good equipment with strong global brands with its roots in Finland. In the year 2000, faced with aggressive competitors, Suunto has to find a successful strategy for improving its position in the global arena, including consideration of synergies between the operations of the mother and daughter, the distribution strategy, marketing issues and technology issues.

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