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HSE_CASE_NR: 396-016 | status: active
Authors: Wichmann, Kristina
Leenders, Michiel (supervisor)
Material: 5 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng
Keywords: international mining company; strategy for the future
Abstract: Outokumpu is an international mining company, operating in 30 countries and employing 15,000 persons. Base Metals had mining operations worldwide, whilst the metal production was all done in Finland. It employed 4,000 people in 1995. The area was organized into four units: (1) Mining operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Australia, and Chile, (2) Copper, produced in Finland, (3) Nickel, produced in Finland, and (4) Zinc, produced in Finland. In March of 1996, Communications Manager of Outokumpu Metals and Resources Oy based in Espoo, Finland, had to prepare for potential questions about Base Metals’ performance in 1995, which in the recently published annual report showed operating losses of FIM 459 million. This case can be used in a basic course of communications while discussing a company’s various channels and strategies of communication, while discussing the role of the communications manager, or while discussing a company’s external relations in general. The case is also useful in a strategy case when analyzing the success factors in an industry.

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Notes: 3 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng