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eCase Collection - abstracts

HSE_CASE_NR: 103-047 | status: active
Authors: Peura, Masa
Gasiorowska, Anna (supervisor)
Material: 16 pages
Publication year: 2003  Language: eng
Keywords: consulting industry; creation; e-learning; knowledge management systems; strategy & value
Abstract: The case takes a look at eLearning opportunities from a large consulting company point of view. At the same time the case emphasizes the meaning of strategic thinking and value creation behind information technology investments. The case presents the Accenture organization and the external environment. It also gives historical insight on how knowledge management systems in the beginning of 1990s and eLearning systems at the end of 1990s emerged as a result of the changes in the organization and the environment. The case discusses future challenges of the organization stemming from collaboration, learning and shareholder value points of view.