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HSE_CASE_NR: 103-037 | status: active
Authors: Stendahl, Thomas
Sasi, Viveca (supervisor)
Material: 20 pages
Notes: This case can be used in a strategy course or in an investment course for MBA students. Please, note that the case does not deal in detail with market information and financial issues related to the parent company
Publication year: 2004  Language: eng
Keywords: chemical industry; commodity product; excess demand; product shortage; specialty
Abstract: What should firms in general do in situations where demand exceeds supply? And what should a company do, if it size-wise runs a risk of getting “stuck in the middle”? This risk could make the company become an attractive target for take-over.

Related teaching note:
Notes: 7 pages Possible questions to discuss in class: • Product; a change from a specialty product manufacturer to a producer a commodity? • Location; especially with regards to the potential of the growing Russian market? • Sales & Marketing strategy; • Finance; how to finance the project especially with heavy financial structure? • Issues related to parent company?
Publication year: 2004  Language: eng

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