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HSE_CASE_NR: 199-025 | status: active
Authors: Lehti, Marjaana
Material: 11 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng
Keywords: conflict resolution; crisis management; ethics; expansion; human resources; labor relations; small and medium-sized enterprises
Abstract: The case deals with a small business; an owner of business centers has a difficult human resources issue at hand. For months the owner had been hearing rumors and receiving internal complaints about the behavior of his oldest and most qualified employee. Now two clients had contacted him and confirmed that she was criticizing him and his company quite openly to clients, possibly even influencing their decision to choose another company. Some kind of action had to be taken before any more harm was caused, and the task of the students is to decide the right way to solve the problem considering all the parties concerned. The factors affecting the decision, including excerpts from the Finnish labor legislation are given. The problem illustrated in the case is universal, and can easily be adapted to various cultural settings by the instructor.

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Notes: 4 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng

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