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HSE_CASE_NR: 404-026 | status: active
Authors: Scott, Garry
Gasiorowska, Anna (supervisor)
Settings: 2002-2003 Internet Finland, EU (European Union) 2 employees
Material: 11 pages
Publication year: 2004  Language: eng
Keywords: Branding; Development; Entrepreneurship; Financing; Growth; Internet; On-line business; Strategy; Technology; Time pressure; Viral marketing
Abstract: The case deals with start-up growth and development as well as opportunities and limitations of technology from a SME (small and medium enterprise) point of view. (or 'schoolfriends' in English) is a website which assists people in locating their old school friends. The site is, in effect, a huge database with all the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions based in Finland.

This case deals with many of the challenges facing entrepreneurs in order to create a solid revenue stream and a profitable company. In particular, the case focuses on how the site was created and launched and the decisions in the early months after the website's creation. A key feature of the case is speed (and time pressure), the website growing quickly, limited information and limited funds. A critical factor is risk: choosing a potential partner; technological (including hackers); and giving up promising careers.

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Notes: HSE teaching note for KOULUKAVERIT.COM case
Publication year: 2004  Language: eng

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