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HSE_CASE_NR: 195-016 | status: active
Authors: Troberg, Eliisa
Leenders, Michiel (supervisor)
Mouffette-Leenders, Louise A. (supervisor)
Wallenius, Jyrki (supervisor)
Material: 6 pages + 6 appendices
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng
Keywords: co-operative; human resources management; ownership structure
Abstract: The time of case is year 1992, and the decision-maker introduced is Mr. Savolainen, a member of Kilon Osuus-Auto, a Worker Co-operative in Espoo, Finland, who has learned that three members in the company had refused to pay their share of a new equity issue. Teaching objectives of this case are to show the special features of a co-operative regarding the structure and management of a co-operative, as well as to illustrate some personnel problems, which might arise in a co-operative.

This case is unconventional in the sense that part A and B are in fact the same. Part A has been designed for use in shorter time period, to students with a better background knowledge on cooperative as a type of business. Part B goes further into detail on Finland, Finnish transportation industry as well as on cooperatives as an ownership form, hence more pages.

Related teaching note:
Notes: 4 pages. Teaching note for KILON OSUUS-AUTO, A WORKERS' CO-OPERATIVE (A) & (B)
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng

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