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HSE_CASE_NR: 195-015 | status: active
Authors: Kailanko, Sari
Material: 4 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng
Keywords: entrepreneurship; establishment of a company; ownership forms
Abstract: In March 1995, Mr. Mikko Mattila of Vantaa, Finland, decided to start a small new construction company and, therefore, he was wondering what form of ownership would be appropriate. Different options are discussed and Mattila’s situation is described in detail to aid students in the decision-making situation.

This case is a description of business operations at a small company level. It can be used to discuss the meaning of company ownership in a small company, the pros and cons in different forms of ownership, and the problems that arise in a small company. The case is short and quite easy to go through without prior preparation within half an hour. The case is a good introductory case for the people interested in establishing their own company. Although set in Finland in 1995, with inclusion of appropriate excerpts from national legislation, it can be well used in different settings also.

Related teaching note:
Notes: 3 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng

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