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HSE_CASE_NR: 195-014 | status: active
Authors: Motelay, Erik
Leenders, Michiel (supervisor)
Mouffette-Leenders, Louise A. (supervisor)
Wallenius, Jyrki (supervisor)
Material: 4 pages + 2 appendices
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng
Keywords: Finnish electronic commerce business
Abstract: EDI Management was set up in 1989 to provide consulting services in the field of Electronic Commerce Services, a new trade area with tremendous growth potential. In 1995, the CEO of the company faced a difficult decision, as the company had expanded to provide both consulting services, and its own product. The clients no longer could separate the two businesses, and questioned the impartiality of the consulting services. The case illustrates business policy for small companies operating in a high growth industry, and shows the need for restructuring to support core competence while responding to consumer needs. The small size of the case helps, if it can be handed out without prior preparation and needs little discussion time.

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Notes: 4 pages
Publication year: 2001  Language: eng

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