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HSE_CASE_NR: 195-011 | status: active
Authors: Kaivola, Heini
Kaunonen, Arto
Cho, Dong-Sung (supervisor)
Material: 25 pages + 13 exhibits
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng
Keywords: electronic commerce; internationalization; music industry; small independent company in an industry dominated by large multinationals
Abstract: The music recording industry is dominated by five multinational groups sharing more than 80% of the world market. These so-called majors have also gained a strong foothold in Finland. Poko Rekords is a small independent Finnish record company. Poko’s owner, Epe Helenius, has survived a recent bankruptcy, and is now contemplating the future strategy of Poko Rekords. Internationalization is one of Poko’s main strategic options, since the small home market in Finland seems to offer limited growth potential.

The main teaching objective is for students to be able to identify and analyze the major forces that are shaping the future of Poko and the music recording industry in general. The case can be used both as an industry case with Poko highlighting some of the key aspects of the music recording industry and as a company case focusing more on Poko’s strategic options. The case lends itself well to a structural analysis of the competitive environment and to an analysis of how the information revolution is transforming the way value is created in the industry.

Related teaching note:
Notes: 20 pages
Publication year: 2007  Language: eng

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