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School of Business | Department of Marketing and Management | International Business | 2010
Thesis number: 12322
The Importance of Networks and Founders in Enabling Rapid Internationalization of Born Globals from SMOPECs
Author: Murremäki, Timi
Title: The Importance of Networks and Founders in Enabling Rapid Internationalization of Born Globals from SMOPECs
Year: 2010  Language: eng
Department: Department of Marketing and Management
Academic subject: International Business
Index terms: kansainväliset yhtiöt; international companies; kasvu; growth; yritykset; companies; verkostot; networks; kansainvälistyminen; internationalization; tieto; knowledge
Pages: 115
Full text:
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Key terms: born global; internationalization; globalization; SMOPEC; networks; knowledge-based view; founders?
Objective of Study

The objective of this Master’s Thesis is to research what impact networking and the previously retained knowledge, experience and contacts of the founders have on the rapid internationalization of Born Globals from SMOPECs.


The Master’s Thesis is composed of a theoretical and an empirical portion. The theoretical portion of the study is based around literature on Born Globals, internationalization, and networking which were utilized to compose a theoretical framework explaining the factors related to what factors enable Born Globals to initially internationalize in a rapid fashion. The empirical portion of the study is qualitative by nature and encompasses two case companies. The information gathered from the case companies is compared and analyzed with the findings of the theoretical literature and framework included in this Master’s Thesis.


The founders and their previous network contacts, knowledge and experience were found to influence the initial internationalization of Born Globals to a great extent. Also, by utilizing these competences of the founders, the Born Globals were able to expand their existing networks by gaining references from new customers and network ties which were gained from the formation of various partnerships in international markets. In addition, these new network ties provided the Born Globals with finances and access to knowledge pertaining to opportunities in various foreign markets. The role of the Internet and various social networking and communication enabling websites also proved to be an important tool utilized by BGs during their internationalization efforts, and warrants further research to gain a greater understanding of its full implications.
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