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Kauppakorkeakoulu | Liiketoiminnan teknologian laitos | Tietojärjestelmätiede | 2010
Tutkielman numero: 12440
Implementation of new IT-systems after company buy-outs - A case study
Tekijä: Filatov, Kirill
Otsikko: Implementation of new IT-systems after company buy-outs - A case study
Vuosi: 2010  Kieli: eng
Laitos: Liiketoiminnan teknologian laitos
Aine: Tietojärjestelmätiede
Asiasanat: tietojärjestelmät; information systems; tietohallinto; IT-administration services; integraatio; integration; organisaatio; organization; fuusiot; mergers; motivaatio; motivation; henkilöstö; personnel; organisaatiokulttuuri; organizational culture
Sivumäärä: 107
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Avainsanat: acquisition; yritysosto; buy-out; IT; IS; IT-integration; IT-systems; database; tietokanta; integration
Objectives of the Study

This study focuses on the IT-integration process performed after company buy- outs. The aim is to find out how can the introduction of new IT-systems be facilitated after company buy-outs, and especially what can be done to facilitate the transition for the newly acquired employees. The study has three main objectives, which are approached through three research questions. First, how are new IT-systems implemented after company buy-outs. Second, which factors contribute to successful implementation of IT-systems, and third, how is the new IT-system and transition perceived by the employees.


It seems that IT-integration is not perceived as an important part of an M&A process. This study argues that IT-integration is a crucial part of the buy-out process and since it can add more value to the process it should not be overlooked. Previous literature on the subject is limited and models for the actual IT-integration do not seem to exist. Therefore this study presents theoretical framework for conducting successful IT-integration after a company buy-out. The research subject is studied through case-company analysis. Empirical data for the research was collected by interviewing people in charge of integrations and conducting a survey to integrated employees at the case company.

Findings and conclusions

The findings of this study prove that IT-integration plays an important role in the success of the whole buy-out process. Based on the findings, it seems that the case company does not put enough effort in the IT-integration process because the management does not see the value of it. Consequently, the management does not feel that they need to be involved in the process and the also leave some critical people out of the planning process. Processes required for successful IT-integration are lacking or not used at the case company and this leads to a situation where each IT-integration is done differently in an uncoordinated manner. Training process of the integrated employees is neglected and this leads to various problems such as decreased employee motivation, lowered productivity and increased costs.


Merger, acquisition, buy-out, integration, IT-integration, IT-systems, database integration, employee motivation, training, organizational culture
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