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Kauppakorkeakoulu | Tieto- ja palvelutalouden laitos | Logistiikka | 2013
Tutkielman numero: 13187
Service delivery process design and efficiency in financial services: Case study on Š
Tekijä: Penttinen, Tommi
Otsikko: Service delivery process design and efficiency in financial services: Case study on Š
Vuosi: 2013  Kieli: eng
Laitos: Tieto- ja palvelutalouden laitos
Aine: Logistiikka
Asiasanat: logistiikka; logistics; palvelut; service; suunnittelu; planning; prosessit; processes; pankit; banks
Sivumäärä: 66
Avainsanat: Service delivery system, process management, lead time, financial industry
ABSTRACT Objectives of the Study The purpose of this thesis is to examine design and performance of the service delivery systems. How should service delivery systems be build, how service delivery processes should operate and how design affects to the service outcome? This thesis will also examine does process lead time affect to the outcome and performance of the delivery process, especially in banking sector. Academic background and methodology The Literature part of the thesis is constructed on service design theories and process management theories. Service design theories are based on service concept, service delivery systems, and on the service process analysis. These concepts provide basic knowledge how service systems could be build, and what aspects should be taken in concentration while building or improving service system. Process management covers process improving and modelling. This thesis is going to use these theories and case study method in explaining what aspects of service delivery systems influence to the delivery's outcome. Most of all, this thesis tries to find correlation between process lead time and performance and outcome. Does process lead time affect to the outcome and how much it will affect. This thesis is done by single case study method, where the theories and research question is tested on case study. In context of testing how the lead time affects to the outcome, data from same process in two different time phase is used in analysing the research question. Two different time phase is used, because case company improved its service delivery process so that lead time was shortened. Findings and conclusions The findings of this study suggest that in this particular financial sector lead time does not affect to the service's outcome enough so that it would affect to the performance. Improving processes, even in this business sector, have many other positive impacts to the business.
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